If you want a professional team to help you create a jingle for your business, Radio Jingles 24 has the team you need. With more than 10 years experience, our team is able to offer high quality services, delivering catchy jingles, voice overs, DJ drops and more, in a quick and professional manner. The quality of your audio will be high and we have a range of options available to you, from the type of sound you are looking for, to the voice of the singer. 

Create a Jingle for Your Business

When you come to us to create a jingle for your business, we can help you with a very simple process. You will get to choose the style of the jingle, the music bed, the voice which you would like to perform on your jingle, and then all you have to do is type in the words you want us to say, and the format you want it in, and then you are done. We also have jingle packages available if this is more to your liking when you are ready to create a jingle for your business. 

You can trust that the singers that we use are very talented and professional, capable of following your script and the tone that is required to engage the radio listeners. We aim to have your audio ready within 24 hours, although depending on the type you choose, you may have to allow for up to 48 hours, as we want to give you the best final result possible. When we create a jingle for your business the prices start at £49, and you can rest assured that once you have purchased your jingle you have a royalty free buyout. 


Why create a jingle for your business? 


When you create a jingle for your business it can become a very memorable and engaging form of advertisement and promotion. Upon hearing catchy jingles many people can retain the tune, often finding themselves humming it, or even singing along, so your business is associated with something that people may find themselves thinking about regularly and therefore, much more memorable than other forms of advertisement such as leaflets or posters. It is also a cost effective method of advertising, because once you create a jingle for your business it can be played over and over again reaching new listeners, or replaying for those who have heard it before, at different intervals.  


What other services can we offer you? 


As well as helping to create a jingle for your business, our team can also offer audio services for other purposes too. We can help you with voice overs, reading out your script in a clear and engaging way, we can work with podcasts, instant downloads, DJ’s and radios, commercial productions and more. Just as you will get the option of which voice you would like to use when we create a jingle for your business as you can choose from our selection of talented individuals, so that you get the voice that best suits your needs.


Want to speak to our team? 

If you are interested in speaking to our team and working with us to create a jingle for your business then you can give us a call either on our UK number, 0113 534 6686, or our US number +1 (212)710-1350, and have a chat with a friendly member of our team. If you would rather send a message then please use our email address info@radiojingles24.com, or the enquiry form that is provided.