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Instant Podcast Bundle

£ 19.00

Instantly Elevate Your Podcast with 10 Downloadable Liners!

Enhance your podcasting experience with our collection of 10 meticulously crafted, fully produced liners, ideal for dynamic intros, outros, and engaging fillers. These liners are voiced by our popular voice talents, ensuring top-quality audio for your podcast.

Included Podcast Liners:

  1. Welcome to a new episode” – Voiced by Laura
  2. “Follow us on Facebook” – Voiced by John
  3. “Follow us on Twitter” – Voiced by Stephen
  4. “Follow us where you get your podcasts from” – Voiced by Ally
  5. “Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button” – Voiced by Paul
  6. “Welcome to your favorite Podcast” – Voiced by Jo
  7. “This week’s special guest is” – Voiced by Mike
  8. “If you are enjoying this podcast, please leave us a review” – Voiced by Craig
  9. “Here we go with another great episode” – Voiced by Jason
  10. “We’ll be back next week, in the meantime please subscribe and thanks for listening” – Voiced by Laura

Instant Access: All files are available for immediate download as high-quality 320kbps MP3 stereo files, conveniently bundled in a single ZIP file.

Make your podcast truly stand out with these professionally crafted liners. Buy now and download them instantly and take your podcast to the next level!


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