Power Intros

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  • You've told us you want Power Intros! AND we've listened... we can now create exciting and non-generic power intros for your radio station. We use some of the world’s most sought-after session vocalists who can be heard daily on top radio stations including BBC RADIO 1 and 2, KISS, MAGIC, VIRGIN RADIO and many more.

    Our vocalists record the vocal parts, without the unnecessary cost of a producer. We then deliver a finished & mixed song intro, mixed by our engineers for you to input into your playout system and use straight away!

    We always include the sung logo ID of your station, as well as the tagline and your station’s name in the style of the song. What does that sound like? Check out our showreels below.

    And as always, once you've paid it's yours to use forever! These do take a while to create though, so please give us 5-7 working days to turn these around!

    Here's How It Works!

    1. Choose whether you want to order a single power intro or a package
    2. Upload your MP3 or WAVE file of the song (or songs if ordering a package) to us
    3. Our professional singers will record the power intros and we will send them to your email inbox within 5-7 working days

    Have a listen to our Showreels, to hear what we've done for other radio stations worldwide, and how your power intro will sound!



    Classic Rock


    1. Choose Package

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    2. Please Upload the FULL song you want us to use for the Power Intro

    Please upload a high quality MP3 or WAV file, remember we can't fix a poor audio file. If you're ordering a package of them, please use a service like WeTransfer, and send them to info@radiojingles24.com.
    Don't worry though, once we receive your order we will always contact you via email to ensure we have your music files!

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    3. Type In your Script

    For the best quality please keep the Power Intro scripts to a maximum of 5-8 words, ideally including your tag line and station name only...

    Instruction for us

    4. Choose Format

    You are nearly done! Simply double check that everything below is as you desire. If you are looking for more than one liner simply click "Add Another" and start building again!