If you are desperately searching for a professional voice over artist to hire for your radio station jingle, then Radio Jingles 24 will have precisely what you’re looking for. We have a broad range of amazing voice over artists that can either speak or sing your jingle; we can also produce it for you too. At Radio Jingles 24, we create fast, easy and professional radio jingles that can be delivered to you within 24 hours; our jingles are ideal for community, commercial, and internet radio stations. 


We only use the very best voice over talent for our jingles, and with over 10 years experience you can trust us to create a radio jingle for you that will represent your station and brand perfectly. We can accommodate all requests, if there is something you want that you can’t quite see on our website then contact us for a customised quote. All of our jingles are expertly delivered, with incredibly fast service and first-class quality. 


If you’d like Radio Jingles 24 to record, produce, and create the perfect jingle for your radio station – contact us for more information today. 


How to Choose the Radio Voice Over Artist for your Station


It can be difficult to choose the right voice for your radio station jingle, and it’s an important decision as your radio station will be represented by the voice that you choose. You need to think carefully if it is the right voice for your jingle or your brand – you want someone that fits your identity and has the right style and tone of voice that fits your station. 


Which gender do you think will represent your station better, and sound best when reading or singing the script or lyrics that you have written? You can listen to examples of their previous work and see what you think would be best fit and which voice artist’s tone and style you prefer. Some voice artists have more of a chatty, informative conversational tone whereas some sound a lot more persuasive and professional. 


Feel free to listen to the options and think about what suits your station best. Also bear in mind your target audience, and what kind of voice they would want to hear and is recognisable when tuning in to your station.


Our Voice Over Artists


We have a wide range of voice-over artists at Radio Jingles 24, to suit all of your radio jingle needs. We have both spoken and sung voice-over artists, depending on whether you are looking for someone to read a script or sing. We have a huge catalogue of royalty-free music & SFX available to go alongside your voice over artists, so you can be assured that your finished audio will sound fantastic. Our artists have recorded jingles for BBC Radio 1 & 2, Sky Radio, Virgin, and the Beat 92.5 and have sung for some of the biggest jingle companies in the world. 


You can choose a serious, mature, convincing voice for your radio jingle, or a chatty, conversational upbeat voice. Or if you’re looking for a singer, we have soft, gentle, relaxing voices as well as upbeat and soulful poppy voices. You can listen to demos of our voiceover artists and singers on our website. Once you have chosen the voice for you, we will then record your voiceover in our Studio, and then edit, fully produce and master your jingle for you. 


Ready to Record your Radio Jingle?


If you like to learn more about our radio voice over artists and want to get started with creating your radio jingle then contact us today. We will be in touch with you shortly after receiving your enquiry to start working on your jingle and will work closely with you to make sure that it meets and exceeds your expectations. You can fill in our online enquiry form, or if you’d prefer to contact us directly you can give us a call on +44 0113 534 6686 or email us at info@radiojingles24.com