Are you looking to make a jingle to help stand out in the market? Do you want a simple and easy way to get the ideal jingle? Here at Radio Jingle 24, we have a practical jingle maker app that will make the entire process straightforward and easy to manage. You’ll have everything you need to make a catchy, memorable jingle all in the palm of your hand. We work hard to offer you the best possible representation of your brand. We can offer you professional voice overs or sung jingles in almost any style from classic old radio to modern singers. Why not contact us today and get your brand out there with Radio Jingle 24’s jingle maker app? 

Why Invest in a Jingle?

Jingles are a great form of advertising and they have been ingrained in the fabric of marketing since the 1950s. Despite the ever changing landscape of marketing and advertising, jingles have remained a staple, being used by companies of almost any size. The key thing that makes jingles so effective is that they get stuck in your head. Even if a jingle is somewhat repetitive, it’s still memorable and sometimes a more irritating jingle can be more effective as more people remember it. 

You can probably immediately think of successful jingles that you have heard and remember the companies that wrote them. From ‘We Buy Any Car’ to the ‘Hastings Direct’ number, jingles can stick in your head for years to come. And once you’ve created a jingle on our jingle maker app, it almost becomes free advertising as it sticks in people’s brains and makes your brand instantly recognisable.

How Can Radio Jingle 24 Help?

Here at Radio Jingle 24, we try and keep things simple. We know that writing a jingle can seem like an overwhelming task to undertake, particularly if you have to hire a songwriter and musicians to create the jingle for you. So we’re dedicated to taking the hassle out of everything with our jingle maker app. With this app, you will be able to choose exactly what it is you want to make. 

Whether that’s a full length audio track, a short jingle or a voice over for your next TV or radio advert, we can make it happen. Just upload your script, choose your style and your actor and we’ll do the rest. Our jingle maker app is easy to use and you’ll have your new jingle within 24 hours. Lean into the power of the jingle, with Radio Jingle 24.

Interested in Creating a Jingle?

If you’re interested in having your own custom jingle created just for you, then feel free to try our jingle maker app. Our team of excellent vocalists and singers will be able to create exactly the style and length of jingle that you’ve been hoping for. For creative, memorable jingles, choose Radio Jingle 24. You can give us a call on 01135 346686 or email us at We’re so looking forward to working with you.