Special Offer – 5 Santa Dry Liners £25!

£ 25.00

  • We've managed to secure him ahead of the BIG day!

    Yes Santa is here to voice your jingles, dry liners, special messages, anything!

    Simply enter your 5 scripts below, each script should be no longer than 25 words as each should last a max of 10 seconds

    If you add more than 25 words in each script, the price will simply adjust accordingly.

    Once ordered these will be delivered within 24 hours, as 5 separate audio files.

    Listen to the demo of Santa below...

    For a bit extra you can get these fully produced too, listen to a Fully Produced example below...

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    Type In Script 1

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    Instruction for us

    2. Choose Format

    We will add SFX, Vocal FX and Music to each dry VoiceOver file, creating fully produced sweepers

    • 35 £

    You are nearly done! Simply double check that everything below is as you desire. If you are looking for more than one liner simply click "Add Another" and start building again!